Epoxy is a chemical adhesive resin which is resistant to water, acids and alkalis. It has excellent mechanical durability together with glass or carbon fiber and epoxy. This is why it is widely used in space, aviation and maritime. The epoxies, which are usually two-component, become liquid to solid after a period of time, like other thermoset plastics. Epoxy is also a widely used material in the field of construction. Epoxy is also applied as a paint or primer.

Scope of Application

Textile factories, food industry, pharmaceutical factories, car services, petrochemical facilities, printers, laboratories, bottling and filling facilities, hospitals, airplane hangars, tire factories, warehouses, TV studios, electronic mounting areas, beer and wine facilities, plastic industry, food factories, terrace covers


Electrical conductivity: ~10¹² Ω Heat communication coefficient: ~ 0,3 kcal / mh ºC Wear resistance: ~ 6 cm³ / 50 cm² Strain resistance: 37N / mm² Compression resistance: 72N / mm²

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Epoxy based paint Epoxy floor cladding

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