The XS Cylinder Pro is a stand-alone access control device for integration in a locking cylinder and operation in conjunction with proximity ID cards and transponder fobs. Small, discreet, unobtrusive and yet elegant. Without disruptive cabling, an XS Cylinder Pro secures both internal and external doors with equal efficiency. Hence the XS Cylinder Pro is very frequently found on prestigious glass partition systems where a cabled access control system would have obvious disadvantages. However, barrier systems, locker facilities and garage doors can also be integrated within the same access control architecture thanks to the capabilities of the XS Cylinder Pro.

Scope of Application

Places for access authorization must be defined like offices, hotels, factories, changing rooms, meeting rooms, etc.


Stand-alone access control device Internal and external access control Without disruptive cabling Adaptable to wide-ranging positional and legal requirements Function : Presentation of an authorised ID card causes the XS Cylinder Pro to light up green and engage, thus enabling it to be turned like a key to unlock the door or other barrier. Presentation of an unauthorised ID device causes the LED to signal red, leaving the XS Cylinder Pro in its disengaged state with the door or other barrier remaining locked.

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