Sistema Atlantis (Atlantis System) is an advanced system for creating cavities in general, under-floor cavities and ventilated floors in newly constructed or restructured civil and industrial buildings, accumulation tanks, dispersion tanks, honeycomb rafts, low temperature cold rooms. The Atlantis System is used when the depth of the under-floor cavity or cavity is such that the classic Iglù® formworks cannot be used, with the advantage that the constant diameter of the elevator pipes makes it possible to minimise the use of concrete for filling. The main system features are speed, simplicity and cost performance. Furthermore, with Atlantis, a sanitary space is obtained with a suitable humidity barrier and, if properly ventilated through piping connected outdoors, it is a tool for the disposal of the Radon gas present in the ground. Thanks to adjustable PVC pipes, it can be done all kinds of ramps and levels. Form works are recycled polypropylene and gains points for LEED Certificate.

Scope of Application

On the floor of a building, courtyard, landscaping areas, in cold storage, parking areas


With the fixed items, the height can be ranging 56 cm -300 cm

Quality Assurance Certificates

Avis Technique, EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 14001, SA Standart 8000


Sistema Atlantis

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