Iglu'® is a leading product that was created and patented for the realisation of sanitary spaces, ventilated cavities, under-floor cavities, ventilated floors and roofs during the construction and restructuring of civil and industrial buildings. The modular, plastic Iglu'® formworks, placed side by side in sequence according to a predefined direction, make it easy to quickly create a self-supporting pedestrian platform above which a layer of is cast in order to easily and economically create a ventilated slab placed on pillars with the below cavity area available for the passage of systems but above all ventilated to counteract rising humidity and radioactive gases. The product is recyclable and provides easy access and maintenance for equipment.

Scope of Application

On the floor of a building, courtyard, landscaping areas, in cold storage, parking areas.


With the fixed items, the height can be ranging 4 cm-80 cm

Quality Assurance Certificates

Avis Technique, CCA, EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 14001, SA Standart 8000



Company Product Relations

General Distributor, Importer, Sales - Marketing


Preliminary Study/Feasibility, Project, Execution, Installation, Maintenance, Contracting

Floor formwork Access floor equipment Raised access floor

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