Artstone stone-brick-concrete-wood-oxid seems wall covering panel systems

Scope of Application

Indoor ve outdoor places, ceiling covering, villas, hotels, restaurants, kitchen-bathroom, wine cellar, prefabricated constructions, SPA-pool, cafe and bar, offices, showrooms, shops, fair stands, banks, portabler applications, gardens


artstone has a real stone-like look and feel. Produced of fiberglass, polyester mastic and natural stone dust. It is not PVC, MDF or natural stone. Non-flammable. Euroclass TS EN 13501-1 A2 Provides ultraviolet protection, doesn't get affected from harmful rays. It is light; the average weight is 6-7 kg/m² It is thin and durable. Durable against damage. It is easy to clean and washable. The color does not bleach. It is not affected by water and humidity. It can be cut according to the required dimensions. It can be applied to every kind of surface with screws and dowels, including walls and ceilings. It does not include any carcinogenic materials, does not harm human health and nature. Our offerings include lots of different stone types like concrete, tile and brick appearance.

Quality Assurance Certificates

TÜV SÜD TS EN ISO 9001:2008, ACS ISO 14001:2004, ACS OHSAS 18001, Euroclass TS EN 13501



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