Our products are expanded polystyrene foam fronts which provides aesthetic solutions for exterior wall decoration and coating materials for insulation. To provide architectural aesthetics for structures it used horizontally and vertically.

Scope of Application

Can be used for all exterior facade cladding


Our products are containing high-density EPS B1 class. Acrylic – based coating used on the surface is resistant to 4-season climate condition. Coated surface is so rigid , flexible in the same way , does not crack, does not absorb water and is resistant to acidification which may occur in the air. EPS is not a nutrient for microorganisms does not produce bacteria and decay. Acrylic sealent is also due to the chemicals display same features. It is Eco-friendly material . It does not contain EPS components which damaging the ozone layer CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons)’ and derivatives (HCFCs). Application of our products is very practical. Our products are light which does not impact on the static weight of the building.If our products used in the right place , in the right thickness and density, and if applied according to the rules of building physics and building construction, then theygoing to be buildings’ lifelong decoration and insulation and keep the same features as they were first day. And finally , we provide to our customers freedom to have costume design.

Quality Assurance Certificates

TSE, CE, ISO 9001



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