The cross-flow heat exchanger is built from aluminum plates. Special version plates are additionaly covered with an epoxy resin layer, between which flows supply and return air, in streams that are either cross-flow or separated from each other. Discharge air flows through every other duct between the plates heating them and fresh air flows through the remaining ducts, drawing heat from the heated plates.

Scope of Application

Industry, single and multi-family houses, gyms, offices, cafes, schools, garages


Capacity: 100 m³/h-110 000 m³/h Size: 210x210x100 mm-3400x3400x2500 mm Lamella distance: 2,0 mm – 13,5 mm Operation temperature: to 200°C Plate material: Aluminum, epoxy covered aluminum

Quality Assurance Certificates

ISO 9001:2008 TÜV Rheinland Group



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