Excavator, a backhoe loader used in earthworks. Showel excavators, excavators scoop draw, there are varieties like inverted bucket arm according to the excavator. According to a power transmission chain, or be hydraulically. Until the excavation of large mines from the terrace by small channels are produced in various sizes and power. tracked relative to the ground and excavation state or Wheel models is preferable. In addition to cutting the slope excavation, also used in the installation and removal work.

Scope of Application

Soil excavation, loading ready-made materials, with different attachment crushing and loading jobs


29.300 kg, 197 HP Diesel Engine, 1.47 m³ bucket, hammer line, rear view camera, 600 mm pallets, HD boom 6.245 mm, 2.850 mm HD arm, ROPS FOPS cab, air conditioner

Quality Assurance Certificates

ISO 9001



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