BOZGUN LTD. dormitory, office, living room, dining room, kitchen, storage, first aid, dressing cabin for personnel, shower, toilet, generator, sludge tank containers are used for different purposes, such as specially engaged in design and manufacture

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The production of standard sizes of containers are being done with the "special needs" as a different design and hardware can be prepared according to the demands of our customers. Able to respond to manufacturing the highest quality materials are held by our company which was invented and used for the first time made with double insulation system. Double insulation system containers thermal insulation showing a 50% difference in use of provides savings and convenience.Steel carcass is prepared by coating on steel substrates of different materials, pvc mineflo and skirting stylish and useful are made turns.The containers is guaranteed for all electrical system TSE. Which was prepared according to project; kitchen sink, shower, sink, toilet, air conditioning, desk, chair and so on. able to respond to the settlements will be placed using the highest quality products.

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TS EN ISO 9001:2000



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