TIPA is widely used in applications such as cement grinding, emulsifiers, stabilisers. Also as a chemical neutralisation intermediate to provide basicity, alkalinity and as a buffering agent. TEA is used widely as intermediates for concrete additives, adhesives, rubber, agricultural and photographic chemicals. It is used as a component in cement grinding aids, oil well chemicals and to prevent corrosion in metal working. Also as a basic catalyst for rigid and flexible urethane foams.

Scope of Application


High strength. Were compared with the reference concrete, jianshuiji intensity has obvious increase, the compressive strength than % : 1 day or 160 150 140 or higher, 28 days, 3 days or more. Good durability.Can effectively reduce the water cement ratio of concrete, improve the compactness of concrete, improve its durability. Green environmental protection.Jianshuiji production process does not use the harm to the environment of formaldehyde, chlorine ion and sulfate radical content is low.

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ISO 9001:2008

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