The BL Compact B unit is an electronic structural moisture meter for non-destructive building material moisture measurement.The Hydromette unit uses the dielectric constant/radio frequency principle of measurement.The versatile ball sensor is used to sense moisture in building materials of any kind as well as to determine the moisture distribution in walls,ceilings,and floors. An ideal pre-tester for all CM measurements. Measuring range 0-100 digit(tarama aralığı), 0,3-6,0 Gew.-% veya 0,3-4,0 CM-%

Scope of Application

Particularly suited for parquet reclining and floortiling contractors and building restoration companies.


Measuring range 0-100digit(scanning), 0,3-6,0 Gew.-% or 0,3-4,0 CM-% Audible alarm,Automatic calibration, unit temeperature display. Housing: 200 mm

Quality Assurance Certificates

ISO 9001



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