The German-made Resopal / Resoplan exterior laminate panels, consist of numerous layers of kraft paper and a decorative paper surface covering it. Kraft papers are phenolic resin and surface papers are impregnated with resistant and non-scratching melamine resin and are very resistant to chemical and mechanical effects as well as climatic effects coming from pressured at 150°C temperature and 100 kg/cm² pressure in multi-layer presses. Panelles applied to the walls in the category of ventilated facade systems are fixed to the infrastructure which will be formed on the structure surface by the adhesive system, the heavy suspension system or the riveted system depending on the climatic conditions and plate thickness. Alternative Panel sizes offer the possibility of creating aesthetic and decorative facades that are much more advantageous than other facade coatings due to their non-impact, easy weatherability, easy to be mounted on different décors and surfaces.

Scope of Application

Exterior renovation of all kinds of old buildings Coating of the exterior wall of any new construction Sports and playground equipment City furniture Covering the inner surfaces of structures like metro, tunnel, airport, Coating of wall surfaces of antibacterial and electromagnetic wave sensitive places such as hospitals, laboratories, operating theaters Balcony and parapet coverings Pergola, eaves


Thickness: 6-8-10 mm Dimensions: 3050x1320, 3650x1320, 2180x1020, 2800x1250 mm Fire Class: B1 Weight: 1.4 kg/m² Colors: past plain colors, wooden patterns, granite patterns, concrete patterns It does not contain any harmful substances such as high resistance against water, humidity and steam, resistance to UV rays, acid rain and air pollution, flame retardant and flame retardant property, weather resistance, antibacterial, asbestos, chlorite, toxic.

Quality Assurance Certificates

ISO 9001, DIN EN 438-2, PEFC, TNO

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Resopal / Resoplan

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Wooden façade cladding Exterior façade compact laminated board Compact laminated façade cladding Compact laminated curtain wall system Decorative exterior cladding element

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