ACO DRAIN® KerbDrain is a polymer concrete kerbstone manufactured from a single piece, which is also a drainage channel at the same time. The system impresses thanks to its outstanding hydraulic outflow performance across the entire length of the kerbstone, thus providing an ideal drainage solution for use in roadways, roundabouts and car parks, for example. Since KerbDrain is the same colour as standard concrete kerbstones, it helps to create an uniform aesthetic too. Its low weight, the fact the drainage channel is already integrated in the kerbstone and the easy way in which it is cleaned mean the cost benefits are felt right from installation through to actual use.

Scope of Application

The ACO KerbDrain® combined kerb and drainage system provides versatile and efficient linear drainage for motorways, trunk roads, urban infrastructure and landscaping projects.


An intelligent modular system featuring channels for radii, inlet shafts with sludge buckets, and drop kerbs and centre stones makes the ACO DRAIN® KerbDrain so versatile to use. The side inlet openings with an intake area of 147 cm²/m achieve a high, fast drainage performance. This is very effective in sensitive locations such as bus stops, where high requirements must be met in terms of drainage efficiency, as well as over large areas where a traditional design would require a huge number of gullies.

Quality Assurance Certificates

ISO 9001, LGA , DIBT, CE – LGA – EN 1433

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