G-Lab is produced with a nano-surface technology which forms a strong surface to ensure superior protection against a wide range of chemicals and acids. G-Lab is resistant to acids, bases, salts and paint. It has resistance against the most aggressive chemicals and does not get damaged or stained, provided that the chemical poured on the surface is cleaned within 24 hours. It eliminates forming of bacteria and fungus thanks to its smooth, polished and specially treated surface. Its surface does not reflect the light. Other than these, thanks to having the feature of resistancy against fire, it does not merge and form flame drops, blow up and emit toxic gases in case of fire.

Scope of Application

It has become a favored and widely preferred product for use in the fields of chemistry, radiology, biology, botanic, physics, electronics, nuclear, cosmetics, graphics, education and photography laboratories, dentistry operation rooms, hospitals, surgery rooms, apothecary's shops, food industry, professional kitchens and freezer rooms thanks to these unique features.


Thickness: 0,8 mm–20 mm Dimensions: 1400x3660 mm / 1540x3050 mm / 1540x3660 mm

Quality Assurance Certificates

EN Classification: CGS, CGF EN 438-4, ISO 9001:2008, KIWA, CE, TSE, FSC


G-Lab®/Chemical Resistant Compact Laminate

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