EMS Dubell Anchorage chemicals are high quality, two component chemical anchorage systems offering a wider spectrum of advantages compared to other mechanical anchorage techniques. EMS Dubell ® F.1511 Chemichal Anchor is a general purpose, vinyl ester based, two component, high quality product specially formulated for anchorage works of various construction applications.

Scope of Application

This product is recommended for anchoring ribbed bars into concrete, masonry applications, and brick & perforated wall installations. Widely used in moderate & heavy installation applications both horizontally and – due to its thixotropic feature – vertically.


Appearance: Thixotropic paste Colour: Gray Chemical composition: Modified vinylester resin and inorganic fillers Viscosity: Thixotropic Solids: %100 Specific gravity: 1.57 VOC (%): 0 Shelf life (at 20°C): 12 Months Packaging: 345ml and 410ml cartridge tubes.

Quality Assurance Certificates

CE & TSE EN 1504-6, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007



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