With woven tufting technology, Anker products have clear, colourful and simplicity look. The Perlon Rips collection has the whole colour palette of Le Corbusier.Anker carpets provides high standards in design, environmental, health and acoustical performance.

Scope of Application

Modern office spaces, airports, hospitals, cinema and theatre spaces


Tile dimensions: 50x50 cm/60x60 cm Roll width: 400 cm Yarn: Polyamide Production Tec.: Woven

Quality Assurance Certificates

CE, ISO 9001, ISO 14001



Company Product Relations

General Representative, General Distributor, Importer


Preliminary Study/Feasibility, Project, Consultancy, Inspection, Installation, Contracting

Carpet Tile carpet Roll carpet Special woven rug Fireproof carpet Ceiling, Claddings, Floorings, Roofing, Wall Coverings

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