It is a progressive solution for parking issue in restricted areas. We offer special solutions for all outside/inside projects according to their specifications.

Scope of Application

Narrow and limited spaces in the city center, metro, metrobus, bus, ferry stations, airports, terminals, shopping malls, commercial parking lots, crowded centers, residences


Our system is fully automatic: moves vertically and horizontally on a pallet and put it on a rack Our system delivers vehicles within less than 2 min; it is the fastest system among competitors It can be establihed inside of buildings or in open area by means of siding.

Quality Assurance Certificates

EN ISO 9001: 2008, TSE, EN 2006/42 AT, CE, EN 14010



Company Product Relations

Producer, Exporter


Project, Execution, Installation

Car park elevator Car park systems intelligent car park system Multi storey car parks

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