Cladboard is an impregnated colored high density panel that gives the smooth surface a natural and elegant look. Cladboard is for climate-resistance, waterproof, wind loading resistance, UV proof, exterior wall leak protection and good thermal insulation . Cladboard, insulated material, air space and framework compose the ventilated cladding system.The system can balance the wind pressure, offer good thermal insulation, resist typhoon, reduce moisture penetration and prevent leakage of the facade.

Scope of Application

It can be used for exterior cladding and facade in luxury villas and multilayer high-grade residential buildings. And it can be used as partition in public places for impact resistance as well.


Density: ?1.42 g/cm³ Thermal conductivity: ?0.35 W/mk Water contain: ?10% Moisture movement: ?0.20 Non-water soaking: After 24 hours ,no water formed Freezing: After 25 times cycle ,non-delaminating and rimous Bending strength(Average): 16 Mpa Radioactive: <0.4 Ira Non-combustibility: GB 8624 Class A1/AS/NZS 2908.2-2000/ AS/NZS 3837:1998/AS1530.1-1994/ISO 14184.1-1998 Non-asbestos test and non-combustibility test in AS/NZS



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