The product group of Özçete Karo tile for blinds : Mixture containing various sizes aggregates of marble, granite and quartz which colored by yellow oxide dye and high dosage cement is cast into molds. Following, the mixture is subjected to steam curing under high pressure. And then it is produced in various sizes and in desired pattern by sandblasting with steel balls. It is the product group having standard technical properties. It is especially in yellow color.

Scope of Application

It can be used at areas of outdoor walkway, pavements, town squares, subway stations and shopping centers.


Dimension: Double layer production: 300x300x30 mm(e) 1 mm/300x300x50 mm(e) 1 mm/400x400x30 mm(e) 1 mm

Quality Assurance Certificates

TSE EN ISO 9001:2008, TS 213-2 EN 13748-2, CE


Özçete Karo

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