AYPAN® WHITE Plasterboard has pure gypsum which provides resistance, lightness, processability inside of it.It has paper at both surfaces which provides flexibility and high resistance on it.

Scope of Application

AYPAN® WHITE Plasterboard is used at suspended ceiling systems, curtain and partition wall applications.


Length: 2500 mm (2000-3600 mm) Width: 1200 mm Thickness: 12,5 mm- (6-8-9,5-15-18 mm) Average weight: < 9 kg/m² - (< 5,75 - 6,75 - 7,5 - 11,5 -14 kg/m²) Edge type: Tapered edge, square edge Reaction to fire: A2-s1,d0 Reference standard: TS EN 520 + A1



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