Gilgen Automatic Door Systems established in Switzerland in 1961 is considered as one of the most prominent firms in the automatic sliding door systems. Monador A.S. is the representative of Gilgen door products since 1988 with great success, and has assumed significant liabilities in the production section with its licensed studies for some time now.

Scope of Application

It has vast range of using area in all buildings receiving high pedestrian traffic including hospitals, shopping centers, and supermarkets as well as hotels, business centers and airports.


Automatic sliding doors offer you with very broad range of products including break-out automatic sliding doors at emergency, telescopic automatic sliding doors and folding automatic doors applied to meet your requirements in narrow spaces, and hermetic automatic sliding doors used in hospitals.

Quality Assurance Certificates

CE, ISO 9001, TÜV



Company Product Relations

General Representative, General Distributor, Importer, Sales - Marketing


Preliminary Study/Feasibility, Project, Consultancy, Execution, Installation, Maintenance

Photocell door Sliding door Automatic door Hermetic door

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