ACHP comprising of the main material globally referred to as Aluminum Honeycomb Core, is called in the Turkish sector as aluminum alloy hexagonal comb shaped core material as well. ACHP panels are formed by bringing together and combining by means of lamination process a core adjustable to the desired thickness and matrices enabling setting forth of either identical or difference variations for both surfaces according to the field of use.Currently, Aluminum Honeycomb panels possess substantial characteristic superiority compared to its equivalent natural stone, metal and wooden materials in terms of both durability and lightness as well as rigidity and resistance to corrosion. It provides a lightness advantage up to 80% compared to its equivalents.

Scope of Application

Ceiling panels, convenient walking panels, catwalks, clean rooms, wet places ( WC, kitchens, bathrooms) exterior cladding, furniture, airports, interior panels, walls, machine hoods, decorative interior compartments, counter systems, doors, ship board, cabin compartments


Ligthness, high compressive strength, high shear and bending strength, %100 recycling facilities, high corrosion resistance, heat resistance, fire resistance, excellent surface appearance, high impact and load resistance

Quality Assurance Certificates

TS EN ISO 9001: 2008



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