Extruded aluminium facade material with a look of baked clay brick (cotta) Practical installation Its’ lightweight a geat advantage (7,5 kg/m²) for building static natural circulation of air thanks to the space between horizontal panels. Aluminium metal structure is naturally fire resistant.

Scope of Application

Facades of malls, hotels, hospitals, business centers, factories, residential buildings, apartment buildings.


Extruded aluminium alloy 6060/6063 AIMgSi 0,5 with density of 2,71 gr/cm³, linear expansion coefficint of 23x10 (-6), elasticiy modulus of Modülü 70.000 Mpa. Surface finish: Powder coated with min thickness 60 microns.

Quality Assurance Certificates

CE, ISO 9001:2000, TSE, NQA, QUALICOAT, GOST-R (Russia), SEPRO (Ukrain)



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