KALE Duo is a electronic warning module which combines a key reminder of alert unit and mechanically trapped cylinder with alarm function which can be installed on different door width easily thanks to its adjustable knob. KALE Duo gives a sound alert within 8 seconds ( optionally 12 seconds ) before you move away the door when you forget the key inside the cylinder therefore prevents the remaining of the key on door thus from being stolen or forgotten outside. Another feature of the cylinder is that its front side is manufactured in the form of Kale Trapped Cylinder and integrated with alarm actuating rod as is 164ASM products. Thus, KALE Duo unit gives a high volume alarm and warns the building residents in the case of quite common robbery attempts / door opening being made by breaking the cylinder. Another innovation of this product is that its knob fixing point can be adjusted according to door width. Thus, the user has the flexibility to adjust the length as desired.

Scope of Application

Steel, wood, aluminum doors


Recessed Rosette Plate (1 pcs) Alert Unit (1 pcs) Adjustable Cylinder (1 pcs) 4- Chrome Knob (1 pcs) 9V Alkaline Battery (1 pcs ) Adjustable Studs (2 pcs) Alert Unit Mounting Screws (3 pcs) Short size (40mm) rosette mounting screw (2 pcs ) Medium size (60mm) rosette mounting screw (2 pcs) Long size (80mm) rosette mounting screw (2 pcs) Cylinder fixing screw (75mm) (1 pcs) Allen Screw (1 pcs) Key (5 pcs)


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