Polyester PVC content, flexible composite membrane with acoustic absorption

Scope of Application

Interior ceiling applications, interior partitions and acoustic screen applications Indoor pool and sport centers , hotel and office lobbies, meeting rooms, conference rooms, social facilities, floor gardens, food - beverage areas


Different color options With its light permeable new model (Batyline AW- Lux)suitable for glass ceiling/ separation applications and acoustic curtain applications Its lightweight and flexible texture allows for innovative designs High acoustic absorber with a NRC of 0.65 (aw = 0.65) Easy maintenance Fire retardant %100 recyclable Greenguard certified High resistance to microorganisms&humidity Printable exceptional surface treatment

Quality Assurance Certificates

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EN ISO 1421 , EN ISO 2286-2, DIN 53.363, ISO 846 Method A, EN 13501-1


Serge Ferrari

Company Product Relations

Producer, Sales - Marketing

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