Its 3 -dimensional decorative wall and ceiling panels. Aluminum, which is produced can be applied to borderless or natural ado with edged tools. With smooth and curved edges makes it possible to create composites. It is particularly suitable product to create functional areas in Ecoustic Moov sound insulation and the use of light. Ecoustic Moov; providing a design solution that reduces unwanted noise noticeable degree. With consistent performance between the mid and high frequencies, it reaches an effective noise reduction coefficient of 0.9. Ecoustic Moov’s, 0.9 noise reduction coefficient, smooth hyperbolic curved surface of any wall or ceiling, turning it into a functional and sensory felt surface. And it can be applied as a single color having a large color palette which allows to use a combination of different colors.

Scope of Application

Concept projects, hospitals, restaurants, offices, theaters, auditoriums and public buildings are suitable for use in walls and ceilings.


NRC: 0.90 Weight sound absorption coefficient: 0.95 Maksimum sound absorption: Class A Standart tile: 284 mm x 290 mm Oval tiles: 354 mm x 290 mm

Quality Assurance Certificates

ISO 5660.1, AS/NZS 1530.3, AS/NZS 3837, AS/ISO 9705 GROPU 1, NRC 0.53 (Standart Tile), NRC 0.67 (Ecoistic Infill)


Wovin Wall

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